Thursday, October 10, 2013

Product Review...New Backdrops by Ella Bella Photography Backdrops

I was excited to be asked to do a product review on { Ella Bella's } new paper back drops and floor drops.  I got to try them out this week on sweet Hannah and Caroline.  I love the classic look of both drops and am very impressed with how they photograph.  I got no glare from the back drop, and the floor drop looks just like wood planks I wish I had in my own home. :)  These drops are a very economical option at under $12 each.  And, I should get several sessions out of them.  Can't beat that!!  I'm thinking it will end up less expensive to use these drops several times and then buy more as the trends change, than investing in a vinyl drop that becomes obsolete before it wears out because of the fast-changing trends.  Because of the size of the drops I think they are best utilized with 1-2 children sessions and will be especially great for newborn sessions!  I will be buying more in the future for sure! { Here } is the link to try them out for yourself

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